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The Monstrous Art of Robert Aragon (BOX)


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Each Box Contains a Complete Set of the 45 Base Cards, 2 Evil Eyes Chase Cards, 2 My Favorites Chase cards, 4 Monstrous Sketches Chase Cards.

Each box will contain a total of 3 cards which are randomly inserted from the following:
Autograph cards, Sketch Cards, Double Book Sketch Cards, Printing Plates & Redemption Cards.


Checklist of what to Collect:

45 Base Cards
My Favorites- 6 cards Foil & regular
Evil Eyes- 6 cards Foil & regular
Monstrous Sketches-9-Cards Foil & regular

Autograph Cards & Double Autograph Cards, Printing Plates & Redemption cards
The Redemption Cards has the Following if you get one in your Box.
Uncut Sheets of Base Cards & Uncut sheets of Chase cards, Foil & regular chase Cards and 2 different Litographs.

Look for the Blue (Limited) & Gold (Very Limited) Stamped Autograph Cards, stamped on the Back of the Autograph Cards.
If there is no Stamp on the Back of the Autograph Card, then the autograph is not Limited.

Only 1000 boxes Produced, less than 350 boxes remain.

Product Released at Comic Con 2017 San Diego

UPDATE: NEW for 2018, Newly sketched 3x5 and 4 card un-cut Sketch cards randomly inserted redemption cards for these sketches within these last remaining boxes...

If you would like to order a Case.

Cases come in Qty: of 10 per Case.

If you want product to come as an Un-opened Case, Order boxes by 10.

List of Sketch Artist's

Fabian Quintero
Richard Serrao
Jason Brower
Chad Scheres
David Acevdo (New Artist)
Jon Gregory
Ashleigh Popplewell
Sandy Delgado
Omid Maksoos
Rich Molinelli
Christiaan Volstad
Ted Dastick Jr.
Dan Gorman
Don Pedicini
Bobby Breed
Oscar De Anda
Jaime Sullivan

Product Code: THE6F7A084

Manufacturer: MNS CARDS

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